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Divya's traditional Madhubani Art is creatively stylised and manifested with keen freshness, in ink. The fine and intricate lines are blended with metaphors of Indian patterns and motifs bringing about a new expression of tone and tenor. The delicate patterns bring about a meditative quality to the art. Be it the strong contrasts of black and white or the bold usage of Indian colours, the tradition blends with the expanding horizons of modernity. In a world of silence, where one has to strain very hard to pick up whispers from the past, this art work just gives a gentle reminder of our rich heritage.

The art work of Divya, celebrates the spirit of creativity and innovation and yet a closer look at the fine lines shows, a simple translation of the rich folk arts in India as Madhubani, Kalamkari, Block painting, Motif and Mehendi Art. Every small portion of the paintings, reveals a treasure. They are the smaller pieces that come together bringing out a complete narrative, giving form to imagination. Each exquisite hand made art is beyond geometric lines and elements of nature as it composes a story opulent with India’s vibrant culture. One needs to go deeper, take the time and make the effort, to absorb from these paintings the riches that reside within.

The numerous swirling lines, geometric intricacies, abstract shapes, patterns of nature, motifs from life around us, are all rendered with a sense of clarity, leading the artist to greater self discovery, awareness and expression.

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